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Survive the Fall crashing onto Steam in 2022

Survive the fall is a new strategy indie title from developer Angry Bulls Studio. The game is touted as being a post-apocalyptic title with team and base building mechanics. The setting for Survive the Fall is that an asteroid crashed into the Earth in 2023 causing apocalyptic events for parts of the globe, and only those on the other side of the planet survived.

Watching the trailer it seems like a mix of the strategy mechanics and atmosphere of Wasteland meets the team building elements of XCOM with the base building mechanic from Fallout 4. Because everyone loved base building in Fallout 4. But for an indie title still over a year from release, it certainly doesn’t look bad.

Survive the Fall official trailer
Here comes the caveat. A quick look at the developers Steam page shows that this is their second game. However, their first, Build and Discover America, is also unreleased. In fact, Build and Discover America was also only announced in January, two months prior to this announcement.

While it’s not rare for bigger studios to have more than one announced game in production, it is rare for an indie developer to do so. Even rarer is for both titles to still have a TBA release date on Steam. That’s not to say it’s never happened, I imagine it has, but rather that it isn’t the norm. Another point to note is that the games look eerily similar in terms of mechanics and UI.

Opinion time. The studio might have the resources to make two amazing games, who knows. But it strikes me as strange that they would choose to work on both simultaneously, and leads me to question whether they can do both justice. Of course, I have no idea what will finally come of these two titles. But my advice would be to wait and see on this one, which is a real shame. Personally, I love the post-apocalyptic setting and before I dove deeper I was actually really interested in the game based on the trailer. I honestly, really hope I’m wrong on this.

Are you planning to wishlist the game? Do you think my worries are unfounded? Let me know in the comments section below. Keep an eye on Pixel Hideout for more about Survive the Fall.

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