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Crooks Like Us coming to Nintendo Switch

Crooks Like Us, the wacky, steal everything indie title has only just released in early access on PC. Undeterred, the game’s developers, Out Of Tune Games, have announced their plans to bring the title to the Nintendo Switch. The announcement wasn’t completely out of the blue though. In fact, Out Of Tune had hinted that a Switch port was on the cards during an interview with Ready Player Gone back in February.

“We are planning console builds further down the line, including Switch, Xbox and Playstation builds.” – Out Of Tune Games via Ready Player Gone

So, what’s going to be different on Switch, when can we expect it and for how much? We contacted Out Of Tune to ask exactly those questions.

Pixel Hideout can exclusively reveal that the content is slated to be the same as the Steam version. That being said, the developers added that they were looking at a way in which they could allow couch co-op where each player could control their character with a single joy-con. However, they stressed, that this was not a confirmed feature as of yet. They did note that they wanted all versions of the game to be cross-play, including the Switch and other console versions.

Out Of Tune also told me that they are aiming for a launch window “before Christmas” meaning the game should launch this year. Also carrying over from the Steam version of the game is the price. They confirmed that they want to launch the Switch version at the same price point as the final Steam version. That does mean that it will be more expensive than it currently is at the time of writing. Why? The early access version of the game is currently priced at $10 whereas the full release will see the game cost $20. The switch version, Out Of Tune told me, should cost the same as the latter.

The above all comes with a caveat though. Out Of Tune say this is the plan assuming that they can get a publisher on board.

Have you picked up Crooks Like Us yet? Do you plan on getting the Switch version? Let us know in the comments section below.

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