Join Pixel Hideout

If you’re looking to write about indie games or get into games journalism, then you’ve come to the right place! In fact, if you’re looking to cover indie games in any capacity then read on. Currently Pixel Hideout is a one-man team of me, myself and I. But I want you to join me and eventually, we will take over the world together! OK, maybe we won’t (we definitely won’t), but we will be able to cover indie games together. And that’s a close second-best I suppose.

I’m looking for people passionate about gaming, and indie titles. How you cover them will be very much left up to you. I’m happy for you to write reviews, news, opinion pieces or even make videos covering indie titles. If you have an idea, I’m happy to talk it over with you. Then again, if you need some direction, I’m happy to provide that too. The benefit of working with such a small team is I can constantly work with everyone directly.

Before you read any further, this position is unpaid. Pixel Hideout is new, and it doesn’t make any money. In fact, it does a great job of using my money up rather than line my pockets with cash. The good news is, that means I’m happy for you to work at your own pace. There are no quotas or pressure to deliver. We all have lives to live and actual work to do, I know and completely understand that. Can’t write anything for the next two weeks. No problem at all. Want to write five articles this week? Great! I’m happy to help edit and get them published. I’ll work with you to make things fit your schedule. This is a passion project, not a job.

This position is open to anyone, regardless of location, although a good grasp of the English language is a requirement. Of course, no first draft is perfect, and I’ll work with you personally to edit articles before they go live. You do not need any games journalism experience!

  • A passion for gaming, specifically indie titles
  • Can speak English
  • A pulse (preferable, but not required)
  • A chance at review copies. I work closely with a lot of indie developers and can apply for review codes on your behalf. Of course, sometimes these can’t be provided.
  • A chance to gain games journalism experience and grow your CV
  • Constant access to the site lead (hey, that’s me!) for guidance and support
  • A relaxed environment, work at your own pace.

Still with me? Perfect! Here’s how you can apply:

Step 1:
Create some content about an indie game. As above, that can be in either written form, a video or anything else you can think of. That being said, your chances are probably lower with an interpretive dance than with a more standard article. The game and contents are also completely up to you. If you really need some inspiration, try looking around the site.

Step 2:
Take a rest. No, don’t send it yet. Go watch some TV, play a game or do something else. Then, come back with fresh eyes and check your article over. There’s nothing worse than submitting a typo-ridden article!

Step 3:
Send it over! For written articles, feel free to just paste them into the body of the email. If you need images or want to keep a certain format, feel free to use a PDF. For video, send it over however you like. Make sure to introduce yourself in the email too. Things to include:

  • The article
  • Your name
  • Your age
  • What platforms you game on
  • How you heard about us
  • Something interesting about yourself (optional)

Please send your application to [email protected] with the subject line “Joining the hideout”

Step 4:
Relax. Go make a cup of tea. I aim to reply to all emails within 24 hours where possible. I’ll also offer both positive and constructive feedback on the article in my reply.

That’s it. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 (and 4)!

Thanks for reading, I can’t wait to hear from you. Happy gaming!