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This week at the Hideout

This week at the Hideout is a (hopefully) weekly round-up of all the news and features posted on the site over the past seven days. Owing to the site officially opening its doors on Thursday, we may be a little light on features this week. Or, we may have posted none, whoops. Nevertheless, there’s been a fair bit of news go live for us to dig our teeth into. If you want to read the full article, click the header in bold and it’ll take you right to it. Magic. Oh, and read on until the end if you’re interested in hearing about some of the features and interviews coming to the Hideout soon.

People go loopy for Steam trading cards

First up was the news that Loop Hero had sold over 500,000 copies and received Steam trading cards. I admit, when I wrote that article I hadn’t actually played Loop Hero. Now I have played it, and I can understand why it’s sold that many copies.

I’ll admit, launching the site and working a full-time job has eaten most of my time this week, so I’m not nearly as far through as I would have liked. That being said, of the couple of hours I’ve played, I can already tell that this is going to be one of those games that I add to my FTL / Slay the Spire / Monster Train folder. The type of games that when I don’t have something I want to play I jump onto and lose a few hours. For me, those types of games offer the best value for money over a few years.

Cancelled Terraria port released on Stadia

So, let’s all catch up here, Terraria was announced, cancelled, un-cancelled and then finally released to the seven people still using Google Stadia. Get all that? I don’t blame you if you didn’t. I tried my best to explain it in the article linked above but honestly, it was a bit embarrassing for all involved. Oh, and I include people playing on Stadia in that statement. Seriously, what are you doing? Either way, the game launched on March 18th, the same day as the site. But really, the game launching was less newsworthy than the surrounding drama.

The Crooks stole my heart

The day before the site launched, March 17th, a wonderful little indie title called Crooks Like Us broke into Steam Early Access. I should note here that for the purposes of an interview I did for Ready Player Gone, I was supplied with a press code for the game free of charge. As always that doesn’t change my opinion on games, but I want to make that absolutely clear.

As I mentioned above, I really was limited this week and only managed a measly 45 minutes of Crooks Like Us at the time of writing. Was it fun? Yeah, it was an enjoyable little party game that I feel is going to be fun with friends when you’re completely wasted. The good news is, only one person needs to own the game to host, while anyone else can play for free in a browser. The bad news is that it is a very buggy experience right now.

The crooks will steal anything unless they’re bugged under the floor.

This isn’t a review, but rather my really early thoughts on an Early Access game. In the 45 minutes I played, I managed to encounter two round ending bugs. The first was in my first ever game, I was caught out by the manhole cover trap. Now, this trap should teleport the player to another section of the map and they can continue playing. But for me and another player, we remained trapped under the ground for the remainder of the round. Completely unable to play for the remaining two and a half minutes. It wasn’t a great first impression. Undeterred I carried on and encountered another bug in my fourth game. This time the emote wheel got stuck on my screen. I couldn’t escape out of no matter what I pressed. In fact, I couldn’t even send an emote, the screen was just totally blocked by the wheel, again, forcing me to sit and wait for the timer to run down.

As I say, the game is fun, and it is Early Access, so you cannot expect a fully polished game. Who knows, maybe I just got unlucky, but I’ll be keeping an eye out for some updates to the game in the coming weeks.

Strategic Mind: Spirit of Liberty announced

Not much to say about this one. Want the information, read the article. NEXT!

The Crooks are going handheld

Our second Crooks Like Us article focused on the announcement that the game would be launching on Switch before the end of the year. Well, hopefully. I asked developers Out of Tune and they told me they were aiming to have the game out before Christmas. Want more details? Read the article! Yeesh, I’ve already written it once!

The Colonists taking over consoles

Want to play base builder RTS on console? Not really? Yeah, me too, they never really work. But the latest company to try their hand at the seemingly impossible feat is Auroch Digital. The game has had its UI reworked to be controller friendly, but as with most things in life, I remain sceptical. For all the details including a release window, feel free to read the article.

Survive the Fall announced – I remain unconvinced

Oh hey, another article where I’m not entirely convinced by the press release. These are becoming far too frequent. Angry Bull Studios announced Survive the Fall, which I actually really like the sound of, but I’m cautious. Why? Because just two months ago they announced a completely different game that looks eerily similar. Oh, and that game has the same release date of “TBA” on Steam. Yeah, my excitement quickly diminished. I’ll keep an eye out for updates, but again, I won’t be getting my hopes up just yet.

Coming soon to the Hideout

So what exactly can you expect from us in the coming weeks? Well, recently I’ve been speaking to Monster Finger Games about their indie title Alien Scumbags. The full interview won’t be releasing next week, but there might just be an article detailing a future project from the developer. Then again, maybe there won’t be. I can’t spoil everything now, can I?

So that’s all from the Hideout this week, thanks to everyone who’s given our content a read, or followed us on Twitter. I really appreciate it! If you haven’t followed us on Twitter yet, you can do so here.

And of course, a reminder that we are always looking for people to join Pixel Hideout, more information can be found here.

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